Andy Hamilton's Renault Sport Club Review

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Be sure to check out Andy's fantastic write up on a few of our products over on the Renault Sport Club Forum. You can view the thread here  

Andy on Pro Seal: 

'For protection, I was going to use Soft 99 Fusso Dark, but as time was ticking on and with Mike wanting to get back and see his daughter before bedtime, I decided to go with Mynt Pro Seal instead. This is so, so easy to apply, being a spray sealant you just mist onto the paintwork and buff off, we had the whole car done in the time it would have taken the Fusso to cure....'



On Snow Foam: 

'Next up Snow Foam, Mynt snow foam was used and was first class, a lovely thick foam!' 



If you would like to review any products, be sure to drop us a line. We're always on the look out for respected reviewers to give honest feedback on any of our products. 


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