Andy Hamilton's Renault Sport Club Review

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Be sure to check out Andy's fantastic write up on a few of our products over on the Renault Sport Club Forum. You can view the thread here - Over to Andy below.



I’ve been meaning to do some more of these threads as I’ve been using most of the MYNT range for a while now.

MYNT All purpose Cleaner & All purpose Dressing

I cleaned the wife’s VW Golf engine bay and used both of these products, so thought it would be good to combine both products on the same thread.

A newish car, but still a bit grubby under the bonnet.


Mynt say:

Mynt Automotive All Purpose Cleaner is a professional strength citrus based cleaner designed to clean all interior and exterior automotive surfaces. Highly effective against grease, oil, exhaust deposits, brake dust, and all interior surfaces. All Purpose Cleaner is specifically formulated to provide excellent cleaning ability, without degrading sealants or waxes.

  • Professional citrus cleaner
  • Extremely versatile
  • Cleans all interior and exterior surfaces
  • Highly concentrated to provide economical dilution ratios

Directions for use:

Once you have chosen the correct dilution ratio, mix with water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the desired surface. For wheel, engine bay and door shut cleaning, spray the solution liberally and allow to dwell, then agitate with a detailing brush. For interior cleaning simply spray the solution onto the surface and agitate with a microfiber cloth if needed, then extract with a vacuum cleaner.

- Light cleaning 50:1
- General cleaning 25:1
- Heavy degreasing 10:1
- Wheel cleaning 5:1

First, diluted into a mixer bottle.


Mynt Automotive All purpose Dressing:


Mynt say:

Mynt Automotive All Purpose dressing is a highly versatile interior and exterior dressing for use on all automotive plastic, vinyl and rubber. All Purpose Dressing will add a satin finish to any vehicle interior or exterior plastic. It’s formulated to enhance the appearance of interior plastics and vinyl, engine bays, wheel arches, tyres and trims.

  • Touch dry formula
  • Advanced protection
  • Satin finish

Directions for use:

Interior plastic, vinyl and rubber: Apply 2-3 sprays of All Purpose Dressing on to a microfiber and wipe onto surface. For hard to reach areas spray onto a detailing brush and apply.

Engine bays: Thoroughly clean with our All Purpose Cleaner. Liberally spray All Purpose Dressing onto all the engine bays plastics. Allow to dwell for 5 minutes then wipe off the excess. This same method of application can be used for wheel arches.

Exterior trims: Apply 2-3 sprays of All Purpose Dressing to a microfiber applicator and work into the surface, then allow to dry.

Once it was all clean and dry I followed the instructions and sprayed All Purpose Cleaner all over the engine bay plastics, left to dwell and simply wiped off.

I’ve also used All Purpose Dressing the arches as well, when I’ve had the wheels off.

So overall, a great product, I’ve previously been using Auto Finesse Dressle for this kind of thing and this works just as well, if not better, smells nicer too!


Huge thanks to Andy for taking the time to throughly test our products. Drop him a follow on Instagram here for some genuine detailing reviews. 

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