H20 Rinse Aid

H20 Rinse Aid

Maintance spray, not only coats your vehicle in seconds with an extremely hydrophobic surface, acts as a rinse aid to speed up the drying process and boosts paint gloss.

You'll be surprised how little of this goes a long way. It's only designed to aid rinsing at the end of the wash stage and won't need topped up every single time, no need to over do it, we can all be a fan of that!

How to use

Shake well before use

Spray product directly onto a clean wet surface

Rinse throughly with a pressure washer 

Carefull dry with a decidated microfibre when fully rinsed


Please note

Never allow the product to dry naturally without rinsing 

Extra care should be taken when working in warmer conditions or direct sunlight

Work panel by panel if needed