Mynt Automotive Pro Seal No. 6

Mynt Automotive Pro Seal is an ultra-hydrophobic polymer sealant designed to offer long lasting protection. Pro Seal delivers extreme levels of gloss and optical clarity.  Its strong water repellency characteristics will repel debris for months to come, ensuring your vehicle stays cleaner between washes. It is formulated to ensure no curing is required, simply lightly mist on and buff to slick finish. Easy application and a glossy, highly reflective, wet look finish make Pro Seal a true game changer.

  • Durable protection
  • Ultra-Hydrophobic
  • Quick curing formula
  • Wet look finish


Directions for use:

Ensure surface is fully clean, dry and contaminant free. Lightly spray Pro Seal directly onto the surface. Wipe the misted surface with a clean dry microfiber cloth, and buff to a streak free shine. Allow 15 minutes curing time before proceeding with any further products.